Thursday, June 7, 2012

A note from Steve Adams


I've always wanted Big Light to reach as far as they can. The music is so good, the guys are so nice. Vibes this good deserve to be shared far and wide. As much I absolutely love the band and the guys and wish I could be there the whole way, I couldn't be more pumped they are forging on with a busier schedule than ever, with a new record on the horizon and Marc Freidman holding down the bass duties. Marc is a big hero of mine, and has been for many years. What he's already contributed to the new record is amazing, and I have no doubt he's gonna help push this band far and beyond. I give the guys my full endorsement and hope for all the best. I'm glad I got a few solid years of rock in with them. I've never sang so much and turned up so loud, it's been an epic adventure! I learned all over again  about what it means to be in a band and build it up. I know they'll keep the door open for me to join them on a back-up vocal or two, or cover a bassline if needed. I look forward to those moments a lot. Do not miss their upcoming record, go get their last ones if you haven't already, and expect an epic year ahead with these guys. They're back on the move!


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